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Environmentally sustainable & recyclable tableware products

Together we can make the change!

Product Showcase: Sugarcane Straws 50PC

Our new Sugarcane Straws are the eco solution and alternative to plastic or paper straws.

Made from Sugarcane & Corn Cassava. Maintaining the lovely natural raw material colours.

  • Disposable
  • Compostable (Industrial Facility)
  • Withstands temperatures between 20°C - 50°C (68°F-122°F)
  • BPA free, Melamine free

Perfect for schools, canteens, cafes, parties, weddings, and home!

Sugarcane Straws EcoSouLife LifeStyle

New Range: All Natural

Browse our latest range, made from natural materials like soybean, corn and natural waste. Biodegradable within approx 2-3 year. Dishwasher & Microwave safe. Available in multiple colours, shapes and styles.

Our new 'All Natural' range

Three Pillars of Sustainability

We transform natural fast growing materials to manufacture the tableware. We utilize materials like cornstarch, rice husk, all natural, wheat straw, palm leaf. They are carbon neutral to our environment so it’s safer for the planet. 

Through years of research and decades of experience, EcoSouLife has cultivated relationships with the most relevant global sources to produce a sustainable line of products that are eco-friendly, biodegradable and Internationally acclaimed. We design products with an intent to break them down naturally in under 36 months leaving behind no trace. We are always reasearching and testing bio materials and methods to help end plastic dependency.

Our products do not contaminate the planet and are produced from the organic unused materials. By using our products, you are encourage the recycling process and support zero waste. We together, work for a safer environment and what’s more safer than reusability? Our products are designed to leave behind as little waste as possible when we create them and also when its decide to throw them away.